Volt idő, mikor Mariah Carey ENNYIRE dögös volt

2015.06.14. 13:40

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25 évvel ezelőtt,

1990 júniusában jelent meg az első albuma, ennek örömére osztotta meg ezt a fotót instagramján:

I can't believe this anniversary of my first album. Me, who only has anniversaries, and who always makes jokes about it, was actually younger then than the album is now by quite a bit! LOL smh ** After waiting my whole life to see my name on an album ("LP"), the label let me know that they'll only be making CDs from 1990 onward. Total devastation! * In their defense, they were nice enough to print a few vinyls and gave me some. * Listening to it today, not every song is a favorite, but there are some songs that are still special to me, like "Vision of Love" which was on my demo. And even some obscure ones like "Sent From Up Above” and "Alone In Love”, which I started writing on my mom's piano when I was 15 years old. Then there’s "Vanishing” which so many fans tell me is their favorite song of mine. Those songs make me feel nostalgic and proud of that young girl who had so much ambition and passion for music. I still do, maybe even more. I will never let go of that. Thank you so much to all my fans; those who were here from the very beginning and those who have joined this #lambily of mine along the way. I love you more than words can express, and I thank you for letting me feel this connection to you through my music. I hope you stay with me on this journey for years to come. *** --MC

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